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McLaughlin’s broad highly technical background coupled with his extensive practical experience has enabled him to assemble a team with the ability to discern the subtlest of indicators to obviate problems, provide complex solutions, which crosses very divergent disciplines or assess critical situations to render insightful recommendations or options to their clients. The Mel McLaughlin Company has become particularly adroit in the recovery of troubled projects by instituting effective processes or actively intervening both physically and financially.

The firm also served as the Program Manager, charged with ensuring strict compliance to a Consent Decree to eliminate high-rise public housing on a maximum value basis, for HUD/Baltimore City Housing Authority/ACLU on two Hope 6 projects totaling more than $160,000,000. On more than one occasion the Mel McLaughlin Company has had to create software to streamline processes, engineer circuit interfaces, redesign for infrastructure or utility conflicts, co-ordinate deficient plans and specifications, or other similar expeditious actions. Our integrated systems allow us to perform Facilities Maintenance and Management at the highest level.

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